Drew Solnoki Trial Results

Exp. of Sex. Organs 2003-MM-1420 Not Guilty
Domestic Battery 2003-MM-11439 Pled to reduced charge after Jury Selction
Violation of Injunction 2003-MM-15513
Not Guilty
DUI 2003-CT-15021 Pled to reduced charge of Reckless Driving after Jury Selection
Poss. of Paraphernalia 2004-MM-4296 Not Guilty
DUI 2003-CT-18999 Not Guilty
Poss. of Cocaine 2003-CF-12072 Not Guilty
Exploit. of Elderly and 2005-CF-15271 Guilty of lesser included on CT 1-
Battery Grand Theft; Not Guilty on CT 2
Aggravated Assault on LEO 2005-CF-8887 Not Guilty
Felony DUI 2006-CF-447 Not Guilty
Sale of Cocaine w/in 1000 ft. of School 2006-CF-5967 Not Guilty
Robbery w/ a Deadly Weapon 2006-CF-23409 Not Guilty
Robbery by Sudden Snatching 2007-CF-11257 Not Guilty
DUI 2007-CT-6096 Guilty
DUI 2009-CT-16520 Not Guilty
Trafficking /Sale 2010-CF-5179 Guilty
DUI 2011-CT-1719 Not Guilty
DUI 2011-CT-10643 Not Guilty
DUI and Resisting 2011-MM-13380 Not Guilty

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