Divorce Mediation

Those who get divorced have to face the fact that it can get messy and it can take months and thousands of dollars to settle everything in court.  An alternative to this is to have a divorce lawyer provide mediation that will help settle the marital property, child custody, and other issues without having to go through expensive litigation.  Whether you have had divorce filed against you, you are the one who filed, or you have filed jointly there is very likely going to be a need to work out who gets what.  In fact, in Florida, divorcing couples are required by law to attend a mediation session before a judge will hear the final divorce case.  The majority of divorcing couples come to an agreement during this mediation, in the few days or weeks preceding a court hearing.

Divorcing couples also have the option of voluntary mediation at the onset of their divorce case and prior to even filing for divorce to determine if they can resolve some, if not all, of the issues before commencing the legal process.  This can be both financially and emotionally beneficial.  In order for voluntary mediation to be possible, both parties in the divorce must be willing to participate.  The most common reasons why people bring their divorce to the courts is to contest child custody and what is marital and non-marital property.  By letting a mediation lawyer help you work this out, you can save thousands of dollars.

If you and your spouse are willing to use mediation as a means of settling your divorce, then you need to have the very best representation to ensure that you get the custody and/or visitation rights with your children to which you are entitled and you get your fair share of the marital property and that any non-marital property is protected.  You need a mediation lawyer who knows the law inside and out and who has real-world experience in handling mediation cases like yours.  [Heather] is that mediation lawyer.  With years of experience behind her, [Heather] knows precisely how to build a case that will ensure that you get the very best deal you can get.  She will gather the evidence, records, and information that will be required to make the best possible mediation case.  Call [Heather] today and find out what she can do for you, whether you filed for divorce or it was filed against you.

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