Florida Child Support Law

When it comes to the support of children, there are very strict laws and guidelines to follow in Florida dissolution of marriage proceedings.  Child support is meant to assist a parent in  covering expenses that are typical in raising a family.  These expenses include things such as rent/mortgage, gas and car payments, utilities, food, and clothing.  However, despite the fact that child support is intended to help with these expenses, the dollar amount of these expenses are not figured into the determination of the amount of child support.

No matter what a parent thinks they should be paid or how much the other parent thinks they should pay, the amount of child support paid in Florida is based on Statutory guidelines and a calculation.  The main two criteria are the income of each parent and the percentage of overnights each parent spends with the child/children in a year. If a child spends more than 20% of the time with the parent paying child support, the amount of that support could be reduced or it could be eliminated all together, depending on the financial circumstances of both of the parents.

The cost of medical insurance for the child and the cost of child care are also taken into consideration.  It is important to understand that if either parent does not have an income, the court may impute an in income to that parent, meaning that the judge will assume an income is being made for the purpose of the calculations.

Another area of focus when determining calculations that calculations are property prepared are the deductions taken from each party’s income. When it comes to deductions that are acceptable according to the statute, they include any child support and/or alimony that has been ordered by the court and is currently being paid, income tax at all levels of government, union dues being paid by the parent, and the cost of the parent’s medical insurance.  When dealing with a case of child support, it is important that your hire an attorney who will be able to ensure that the calculations are done properly and that if any modifications are required due to a change in your circumstances, these will be addressed.  You need someone in your corner who has the knowledge and experience to ensure that you are paying or receiving the right amount of child support.  Heather has that experience and can handle cases of divorce, paternity, and the enforcement of child support payments.  Call Heather today and find the peace of mind you deserve.

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