Sarasota Contempt Lawyer

Why Hire A Contempt Lawyer?

A person is in contempt of court when that person fails to follow the order given by the judge.  If you have obtained a judgement and court order against someone for child support, alimony, child custody, or visitation and that person is not following through with the court order, then you might need some help.  The failure to abide by the court order can cause hardship for another person, such as a situation in which an alimony or child support payment is late and the receiving person cannot make bill payments on time.  In many instances, the child will suffer as much as the spouse.

The key to a judge finding someone in contempt is to ascertain whether the person failed to follow the judgement by choice or whether it was involuntary.  The loss of a job would be considered a reason for involuntary contempt and this is a reason that would be considered acceptable by a judge.  However, going on an expensive vacation would be considered voluntary contempt, as that money should have been used to pay the support.  If a person is found in contempt by choosing not to pay or abide by the court order, then that person could be fined by the court, and/or ordered to serve jail time and pay lawyer’s fees.

Since there are so many potential reasons for contempt and since the situation is highly complex, it is important to hire an experienced contempt lawyer to help when someone against whom you have a court order has not complied.  This is the case whether you are the person who is filing the charge of contempt or whether you are the person who has been charged with contempt.  Either way, this is a serious situation and legal help should be obtained.

Heather has the experience to ensure that all the evidence is gathered in a timely manner and she has the presentation skills to ensure that evidence is portrayed in the best possible light in court.  These types of cases are ones in which emotions run high and the outcome affects many people, not just the parties involved in the dispute, but any children that might be involved as well.  For something as important as contempt, it is important not to go it alone, but to have someone on your side who will get the job done right.  Call Heather and leave your contempt case in her hands.

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